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Due to the rising exposure of COVID-19, Falls Road Veterinary Clinic will be following suit with other veterinary clinics across Maine. Only hospital personnel will be allowed inside all areas of the hospital but we will continue to provide service.


We ask that you please call us to notify us of your arrival. We will then get your pet checked in and a technician will call you to go over any history, concerns, symptoms, or questions you have regarding your pet (just as if you were in the clinic). We will then come out to your car and bring your pet into the building to have their exam, vaccinations treatments/diagnostics done. We will call you right back and go over findings and recommendations. Payment can be made over the phone or in the parking lot with our reception team. We are doing our absolute best to continue providing service but in order to do this we need to keep our team healthy and we ALL need to limit close contact with others.

If your pet experiences high levels of fear, anxiety and stress during veterinary visits, we will adjust this protocol on a case by case basis. Please let us know when scheduling if you feel adjustments are needed.

Please also note that our closing hours are subject to change with the given circumstances. Some days we may close early to limit the exposure with one another. If you plan to pick up any medication or food for your pet towards the end of the day, please call ahead to see what our hours are for that given day.


Thanks for your patience and cooperation in advance as we all try to flatten the curve. We all greatly appreciate it!

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