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Surgical Services

You should feel confident when you choose to have your pet undergo a surgical procedure at FRVC.  We have qualified, experienced surgeons, well trained technicians, state of the art monitoring and modern anesthetics to provide your pet with the safest procedure and best outcome possible.  Call us and schedule a pre-surgical consultation.


The doctors and staff at FRVC support responsible breeding practices, however, we encourage spay or neuter for the majority of household pets. At our practice, we take reproductive health seriously and will provide  consultations to help you determine whether your pet is of breeding quality or would benefit from a sterilization procedure.  Your pet will have a thorough examination, we will discuss the procedure and expected recovery.  We spay/neuter most species of companion mammals, ask us.  


The veterinarians at FRVC are experienced at a wide range of surgical procedures and can assist with corrective surgery to cure chronic illness, acute illness or trauma and other surgical procedures that may enhance or save the life of your pet.

Elective Procedures

While the doctors and Staff at FRVC encourage our clients to consider alternatives to radical elective surgeries, we will support your well thought decision to have elective surgery performed on your pet.  You will be offered a surgical consultation at which we will do a thorough exam of your pet, discuss alternatives to surgical intervention as well as the actual surgical procedure and what you can expect for recovery and afterward. 

Can't afford the surgery?

At FRVC we want your pet to have the surgical procedures necessary for quality of life.  We understand not everyone has the immediate resources to pay for, sometimes life saving, procedures and we will do everything we can to help you find a way to pay for your pet's surgical services. We have put together some links to credit services, grants, insurance.


Pet Insurance TOP 10!

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