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Dental Care

Dental health is a critical component of your pet's overall health and well being.  At Falls Road Veterinary Clinic we offer excellent dental care.  We can instruct you in "at home" dental care and offer a wide variety of "at home" dental care products. We also clean and polish teeth under sedation as well as perform necessary extractions and other dental procedures.

Dental Prophy

Regular appointments for dental cleaning help preserve your pet's dental health and contribute to the overall health and comfort of your pet.


We know that cleaning isn't always enough to protect your pet's teeth. In addition to cleaning your pet's teeth we will polish them, further enhancing and extending your pet's dental health.


Beyond dental prophy we offer dental surgery for patient's whose quality of life may be increased by root canals and/or extractions.

At Home Dental Care

Tools for continued dental care at home are available in our office.  We have a wide variety and should be able to find something .

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