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Reproductive Services
Not all pets are suitable for reproduction.  All too often the chronic diseases we treat in pets on a daily basis could have been avoided if the breeder had had just a little more information about the suitability of their breeding pet and its partner.  Hundreds of pets in our clinic suffer with pain or chronic disease and allergies genetic in origin. The families of these pets are burdened with substantial economic liability in their attempts to provide relief and comfort to their treasured pets. At FRVC, we believe EDUCATION is the solution!  Allow us to assist you in determining the suitability of your pet(s) to a breeding program.  Call us to schedule a breeding consultation. 
What Happens?
Pre-Breeding Consult

Are you ready to breed? Exam, health screening and counseling on genetics, whelping and placing litters.

Health Screening

Genetic testing appropriate for your breed. Stud dog/Brood bitch check up. Screening for Brucellosis and Canine Herpes Virus. O.F.A. requirements for your breed.

Semen Evaluations

Semen collection and delivery to offsite storage facility.

Progesterone Testing, Artificial Insemination and Ultrasound

Steps to get your brood bitch in whelp and determine whelping date. Planned C-sections available.

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