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Euthanasia/Cremation Services

Please call or email us for our current COVID-19 policies for euthanasia services.


You can be confident that we will handle your pets remains in a professional and caring manner. We offer group and private cremation services at our clinic, please call for pricing.

We offer a safe, sensitive environment for decision making and last visit service.  You can be assured that your pet's end of life service will be private and the environment will be supportive.  Before the appointment,  you will be offered a variety of choices with regard to this procedure and how your pet is treated after the procedure.  We do our best to accommodate all reasonable requests.  No ceremony or request will go unheard and we will work to provide your family and pet a satisfying outcome. When you arrive, we will confirm your requests and escort your family to a comfortable, private room. The room will be yours until you are comfortable enough to leave our facility.  Please feel free to make requests of us, we understand your situation and will do whatever we can to ensure your pet is treated with the ceremony, dignity and respect you wish.  We have staff of many faiths who will sit with you.  Feel free to bring clergy.  Ask us to clip hair or make an ink or clay paw print.


Grief Support


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