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Veterinary Technician


Ashlee was raised in Wilton, Maine and still resides there. She graduated from Mt. Blue High School in 2006. She now lives with her husband, Troy and her two daughters, Brooke and Megan. She also has 3 dogs, Harley, Lucy and Chaos; 4 cats, Rex, Acadia, Salsa, and Toes the wobbly cat; as well as a handful of chickens.

Ashlee loves to spend most of her time outside! In the spring/summer she likes to show dogs, fish, and hike. In the fall she does a lot of hunting and in the winter she takes her lab, Gunner, out to find deer sheds.

When we asked her what she likes most about working here she said, "I have always aspired to be a vet tech. I have a love for animals that I cannot explain. As a child I dreamed of having a farm full of dogs. Now I have a limit set by my family of 3-4 dogs at a time!"

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